12183823_804716303007171_1379519532005961423_oVolunteer in Bali

Engage with our green-books.org team in Bali, Indonesia. From operating mobile eco-libraries, to sorting books, helping out at special events and building environmental awareness.







applyVolunteer in the Field

Become our ambassador in your location and search for a proper place to set up new eco-library. If you are an avid reader and/or environmental enthusiast, then managing a children community eco-library might be the right pastime for you. Apply for an eco-library project now.







Volunteer Anywhere

Do you want to help improve the lives of millions of children and do something for the environment? Become our ambassador, wherever you are, even from your desk! Help spread the word about us around the world, network with like-minded people/organizations, design marketing and educational materials, mastermind fundraising campaigns, carry out research on Internet, improve our website; whatever skills you are willing to donate. Take a look at our volunteers’ blog Zainettoinspalla.com to get inspired!



fundraise 3-2 Fundraise

Use your personal and professional connections to do some networking and find financial sponsors. The place you can search green-book aficionados are universities, Rotary clubs, churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and especially non-profit organizations with ties to environment and literacy.

Think big or small. Help us fundraise in whatever way makes your heart sing: Host a birthday party where you ask guests for donations instead of presents, have a garage sale, plan a concert, host a BBQ, run a marathon, get your club involved, donate the guy’s Friday Night Poker jackpot or get more ideas here.

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