Reading for Pleasure


Probably those viewing this page have a preceding access to knowledge on the Internet or in public libraries. Meanwhile in developing countries, and especially in their rural areas, the information culture is still immature and there is little access to books. Countless studies demonstrate that reading for pleasure empowers people to make smarter lifestyle choices concerning not only the environment as well as offers many different benefits.


Reading for pleasure, recreational reading, and leisure reading – all are terms that have in common the idea of free and voluntary reading. Such activity offers the opportunity to deepen our understanding of ourselves, the chance to enhance our current social relationships and to form new ones through vicariously experiencing or talking with others about what we read. The interest in reading is also associated with improved health and well-being, with academic and cognitive benefits and with cultivating the disposition for civic participation in the society at large. In short, reading cuts across many aspects of our lives from infancy to old age.

Encouragement Factors

Reading can be sustained and encouraged by:

  • unlimited access to books
  • ability to chose which books to read and controlling one’s reading engagements
  • providing time and comfortable spaces in which to read
  • having role models who read
  • having more of a student-centered focus in schools
  • creating the conditions for students to have real reasons to read, reasons that might be motivated by readers’ interests in social justice or popular culture or topics that relate to their lives
  • allowing for multi-modal textual engagements (digital tools, drama & art, dramatic oral reading, comic books, etc.)
  • listening to and engaging in social forums where others talk about books
  • having someone read to them and peer tutor them
  • giving books as gifts
  • home environment as the point of departure for developing a reader


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