Pucangro, Lamongan, East Java – Community Eco-Library

Mrs. Munasyarotul Fadlilati enjoys teaching kids, one of the reasons that made her to open the Bintang Brilliant reading garden back in 2004. Besides reading activities she organizes drawing competition, quiz games and once a year she takes the children to visit the museum of Majapahit Empire in Mojokerto to introduce them some history. Even though the Lamongan community seems to deal already with the environmental problems through waste separation, waste bank and tree planting, still they need to tackle the causes of the frequent floods in the rainy season and droughts in the other part of year.

$50 Donated
25% Funded

Mlaten, Mojokerto, East Java – Community Eco-Library

The plan to make this region as an industrial area of East Java costs environmental damages; smoke from steel factories reduces air quality and children cannot play and swim in the rivers anymore as they are not as clean as before. This is worsened by the habit of throwing household waste in the river due to lack of dump sites in the village and home businesses’ irresponsible practices. Trisnawati, who’s been teaching in a local elementary school, chooses to focus on children as it will take a while to change people’s deep-rooted habits. She plans to convert a space in her mosque into an Eco-Library, where it will be co-managed by some Qur’an teachers and Karang Taruna members.

$170 Donated
85% Funded
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