Kedung Banteng, Jombang, East Java – Community Eco-Library

Library Manager: Mrs. Wiwik Subandiah
Estimated Number of Readers: 70
Target Amount: $200
Library Premises: Provided by Mrs. Wiwik Subandiah

Mrs Wiwik left behind Surabaya’s big city life and office job and moved to her husband’s village to pursue the dream of helping others. First she noticed that the kids have no other hobby than mimicking dangdut songs and that they have access to only boring textbooks. She decided to set up a small library in her house located in the middle of rice fields. The books were donated by her friends and have had a great success. Moreover, she transformed her backyard into a fish pond, let the kids fish there and sell their catches. She also teaches them how to process banana to make banana crisps and help them sell the products. She helps some underprivileged children to go back to school. In addition to that, Mrs Wiwik has been campaigning for organic farming since toxic pesticides are used widely in this rural area, constantly polluting the soil and water as the result. She provides local farmers with knowledge of how to cultivate their land organically. So far only one farmer has switched to organic but she will never give up.

This Eco-Library is entirely funded by a kind-hearted donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Thanks for supporting this specific Eco-Library.
With your help we will try to make the difference.
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