SDN Harapan Mulya, Karyawangi, West Java – School Eco-Library

Library Manager: Mr. Dedi Diyana
Estimated Number of Readers: 202
Target Amount: $200
Library Premises: Provided by SDN Harapan Mulya

Mr. Dedi Diyana is a Physical Education teacher who’s also been a library manager for 4 years. The elementary school is not that far from Bandung but the village lacks attention from the local government. Apparently, most of their books are boring textbooks. Mr. Dedi observed that the villagers are very ignorant when it comes to protecting environment; they throw their garbage anywhere they want or burn it, which is not good. He hopes that our Eco-Library program will educate not only the students but their parents as well. This year, the school is participating in a competition called ‘healthy school’. Students are taught to wash their hands, brush teeth and keep the school environment clean.

Thanks for supporting this specific Eco-Library.
With your help we will try to make the difference.
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